C3i Wedge – Premium Sand Wedge, Lob Wedge for Men & Women


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golf wedge for men

golf clubs for mengolf clubs for men

Our mission is to create the ultimate lineup of clubs that work for – not against – mid- to high-handicappers swings.

Over the years we’ve worked with crack teams of club designers & engineers who’ve all brought a special eye to their projects.

With all this “insider knowledge,” we’ve been uniquely poised to reverse engineer our clubs away from what works for professionals and create what works best for YOU instead.

Designing clubs for “regular” golfers since 2015

You deserve clubs that work perfectly with your imperfect swing

What problem are we solving?

Most manufacturers design clubs with their PGA & LPGA ambassadors in mind. Our ultimate lineup of clubs work for – not against – mid- to high-handicappers swings

What makes our products unique?

We work with crack teams of club designers who bring a special eye to their projects. One of the engineers even came from the upper echelon of club manufacturers. He worked with tour pros to create the perfect set makeup & even landed clubs on the Golf Digest Hot List

NO-FRICTION GLIDE THROUGH TURF, NO-EFFORT FLOP SHOTS; The C3i golf wedges for men and women have an extra curve and beveled leading edge that reduce interaction with the ground for consistently clean contact; Hosel and heel shaped to eliminate catching and snagging in rough and to minimize material collection in the pocket; 65 degrees of loft pop the ball high with no effort, no special swing technique required; Clip it cleanly off of tight lies; Hit impressive, soaring flop with ease
LESS COMPLICATED SWING VS TRADITIONAL WEDGES; The C3i golf wedge is specially-engineered. The design of our sand wedge lets you set up and aim directly at your target; No opening your stance or the blade to hit high and soft; Just set up square and swing to get the golf club close to the pin from a variety of lies; Ease of swing promotes greater confidence when standing over the ball; Enjoy more tap-in putts for birdie and par.
FEATURED IN GOLF DIGEST’s article “5 Wedges to Help You Hit Better Sand Shots”; The C3i sand wedge was independently tested and verified by MyGolfSpy, chosen by them as a standout among specialty wedges, even beating out a traditional wedge for percentage of shots lefts in the bunker and proximity to the hole.
LEGAL FOR TOURNAMENT PLAY, 1-YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY; The C3i sand wedge and lob wedge golf club for men and women conforms to the rules of golf, Give yourself an edge without breaking any rules; High-quality construction backed by 1-year manufacturer warranty against defects

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